Artist Journal ~ Next Steps

Artist Journal ~ Next Steps

As my time not only in undergrad, but at Oneonta as well, draws to an end my journey is just beginning. Ive had the fortune to ‘launch’ my professional artistic career with a few group exhibitions, awards and scholarships, and the crown jewel of putting together my own solo exhibition this fall. That show has also led to two separate interviews ive been able to do with on campus media. As well as selling two of my queen prints!! It was an incredible way to wrap up a semester and degree. The biggest next step is going to be applying to grad schools. Ive decided to apply to a mix of MEd programs and MFA. There is an online MEd program that is the top of my list that id start next fall (Adelphi Art Ed.), but if I were to get enough in scholarships and awards i may look into an MFA program first. Either way i wont be starting until next fall.

That time will be used to hopefully grow and develop myself further as an artist, I was able to maintain my part time job after graduation so it will give me the freedom and flexibility to not only create more art but also start putting myself out there in terms of applying for shows, awards, etc. I have a laundry list of potential print ideas already started. My biggest obstacle is going to be sticking to a regular work schedule in terms of my art and start taking it more seriously now. I’m determined to end 2022 with another solo exhibition somewhere, ive been compiling a list of galleries to apply to since the beginning of the semester. Luckily ive had the opportunity to work with Sarah, our gallery director, to make both a CV and Resume to start applying to these things.

I’m interested to see how the beginning of January of next year goes be the first January since c.2004 that i wont be starting classes. My mother and I always joke that I’m a ‘career student’ and if money wasnt a factor I definitely would be, I love the classroom environment. I’m going to miss the collaboration and critique, sharing ideas and techniques. But I have a few future plans that will hopefully help fill that void a little bit.


  • Artist Book/Printmaking Edition – The Sun and The Moon
  • Countless Print ideas to start sketching
  • Obtain at least one solo exhibition
  • Be apart of at least one collaborative/group exhibition
  • Apply to Grad School for next fall
  • Coordinate a Print Portfolio Exchange 
  • Sell at least 5 prints
  • Sell at least 5 drawings
  • Have a drawing published
  • Continue working with Silkscreen queens
  • …….see other 95k goals for the next year

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