Artist Journal August 23-August 29

Artist Journal August 23-August 29

Ive never been so excited to wake up at 5am to drive an hour but walking into the studio for the first time in over a year was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. (And not just because I’m lazy and dont want to print by hand anymore). I didn’t even have much to work on but I was sat down at my usual table by 7am…. For my 9am print class. I love being in the studio early in the morning. Most college students don’t seem to be early risers so I am usually one of the first in the building. I get to dance around the studio singing and having a grand ol’ time (Which I’m surprised no ones ever come knocking asking me to keep it down) and its so peaceful. Not to say i dont also enjoy time in the studio with other people working, particularly as ive progressed into the upper levels of printmaking getting to see the print 1 students working on their prints and getting to be there to offer help.

This is my last semester at Oneonta and true to form I’ve made sure to pack a plate high. Ive been Incredible fortunate enough to have a few of my pieces featured in The Jean-Parish Award Gallery Show this October after receiving the scholarship last fall. Additionally I’ve been granted the opportunity to put together my own solo show this semester. Printmaking has provided me the opportunity dive deeper Into my creative process as an artist and while I still am very much a ‘product’ based creator printmaking has given me the chance to include the process In the product. This concept is the basis of my solo show titled ‘Working Proof’, the label given to prints that are part of the journey to the final piece and will not be included In a final edition. 

In the span of a little over a month I have to…

-Complete start to finish the 5 layer reduction print that will be the focal point of the show, I’m going to save one piece from each layer i print so viewers can see side-by-side how the layers build. 

-Complete a layered print on sheets of plexiglass that will be free standing in the gallery space for people to walk around to see the layers of the print, as well as stand In a specific spot to see all these layers merge together to create the final print. 

-Complete a mini version of the plexiglass print for gallery viewers to hold in their hand to be able to build the print themselves

-Reprint any previous prints that aren’t the quality I’d like on display.

            A monumental challenge? Yes. One I’m so beyond excited to tackle and accomplish? A BIGGER Yes. Ive kind of split my semester in two in terms of my printmaking course and up until the beginning/mid October it’s all about putting this show together and then getting it set up in the gallery. Then once the show is up and set I get to take a deep breath and start to really play with my printmaking (I absolutely love the work I’m doing for the show but there’s so many techniques and materials i want to mess with that will have to wait. Printing on darker paper, printing on unconventional things, mixing in some artist books practices, etc. My biggest challenge in the first half is time working against me, It’s a tall order in a month and I also have other classes that I need to spend some time on. The second half my challenge will be ensuring that while I’m playing with these new materials and techniques I’m still designing and executing finished pieces that I’m proud of and hopefully have some sense of cohesion with each other. Luckily i love to schedule and plan ahead so Im confident in my ability to stay on track for the show. This semester is going to be so much, and I’m so excited to see how much i grow as a person and an artist. I’m getting first hand experience working with a gallery director to put together a show and getting to continue exploring all that relief printmaking has to offer. 

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